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Auto Accidents Specialist

Cottrell Chiropractic

Terry Cottrell, DC

Chiropractor located in Issaquah, WA

After an automobile accident, you deal with insurance companies, stress, and possibly an injury or general pain. If you seek the assistance of a primary care physician, you’ll receive pain medication that doesn’t aid the healing process. But Dr. Terry Cottrell at Cottrell Chiropractic in Issaquah, Washington provides health services like spinal alignments that help your body heal. To learn more, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Auto Accidents Q & A

What are the most common auto accident injuries?

You’re most likely to suffer neck, head, and back injuries in an automobile accident, including whiplash, a pulled muscle, general aches and pains, a concussion, or a slipped disc.

The impact of the accident forces your body in an unintended direction, which places stress on your soft tissue and bones. The impact could even be severe enough to break a bone or cause nerve damage.

When should you seek medical care after an auto injury?

It can take several days or longer to experience symptoms of an injury after an auto accident. For this reason, you should seek the assistance of a practitioner right after the accident, even if you don’t have any pain or visible injuries. The severity of the accident doesn’t necessarily matter either, as minor accidents can cause major problems.

During a physical examination, Dr. Cottrell runs the necessary diagnostic tests to ensure your muscles and bones didn’t receive any trauma. If you do suffer an injury to your muscles or bones, he immediately devises a treatment plan to prevent long-term complications.

How can chiropractic help you after an auto accident?

Although the course of treatment depends on the injuries you sustain, some chiropractic treatments are standard practice following an automobile accident.

A chiropractic adjustment, for example, is given for neck or back pain, and possibly headaches or migraine pain. It consists of Dr. Cottrell adjusting the vertebrae in your back and neck, so the vertebrae and discs are in aligned. This takes pressure off the surrounding tissue and nerves, among other benefits.

Dr. Cottrell also conducts spinal decompression if you have a slipped disc or any damage to a disc, since it takes pressure off them, allowing the disc to heal.  

Any muscle, bone, or head injury can benefit from exercise therapy. Exercising the affected area strengthens it and increases flexion; it encourages healing by bringing additional blood to the region and can even relieve the pain. Dr. Cottrell also offers massage therapy for auto injuries.

If you’ve been in an auto accident, call Dr. Cottrell’s office or schedule an appointment online today.